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Locations Available: Surry Hills

Trixie is a gifted submissive, she loves to please her Mistress or Master and is very experienced. Trixie can adopt the demeanor that would most please her dominant in charge, wh ether extremely obedient, cheeky or sassy, she never fails to please. Whilst Trixie can be quite an actress (she loves roleplay), a good firm dose of discipline never fails to produce a genuine response from this attractive green eyed blonde.  
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10.30 am until 7 pm.


Trixie Escort Reviews

Trixie » (12 Nov 2008)

I'm aware my bias towards Trixie is carried over from my experience at Salon Kitty’s and that doesn'...
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Salon Kitty's

Mistresses, Submissives, Domination, Bondage, Disciplines, Erotica, Fetish. At Salon Kitty's you come to find a Mistress, submissive or Master with whom you can engotiate your fantasy, or simply hire a dungeon to play with your own partner.

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